Wedding Application

Wedding Application Not all applications for weddings will be approved.  No reasoning or explanation will be provided.

Congratulations! We are happy to hear that you are taking such an important step in your life. Indeed, the choosing of life’s mate according to God’s will is one of the most important decisions in life. Our church considers the wedding ceremony to be a deeply sacred and spiritual service of worship – recognizing that marriage is “instituted of God, regulated by His commandments and blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ.”

It is our desire to join you in making your wedding as beautiful as it can be – an experience of worship that will be meaningful to you and one that will always live in your memory. To this end, we are happy to offer our services and the facilities in accordance with the policies and regulations of the church.

Even the simplest wedding requires some forethought and preparation. Many weddings are solemnized at FBSL, therefore, it is important for you to set a date and reserve our facilities well in advance – for the wedding, the rehearsal, the reception, and the use of the facilities. Since many people are involved: minister, musicians, attendants, custodian, decorator, etc., dates and hours should be strictly followed out of consideration for all.

Our church considers premarital counseling essential to the formation of a Christian home. Therefore, it is necessary that you contact the church office at least six weeks prior to the date of your wedding. This will enable the scheduling of the counseling sessions with the bride and groom.


1. The Pastor prefers a minimum six weeks notice of all weddings in which he is to be involved.

2. The Senior Pastor requires four-eight premarital counseling sessions, and the number of sessions may change for either partner that has been married before or has children, with an FBSL associated counselor, with every couple before he performs the ceremony.  All sessions are conducted on a confidential basis. Such things as the specifics of the wedding, communication, roles, finances, etc. are dealt with in the counseling sessions.

3. The Pastor reserves the right to cancel his participation, at any point, in any wedding, should he become uncomfortable with the wedding details or circumstances.

4. The Pastor will only conduct a wedding ceremony for two Christians. Based upon II Corinthians 6:14, the Senior Pastor will not perform a wedding ceremony for a Christian who is engaged to a non-Christian. The Pastor will meet with the spiritually mixed couple in an attempt to lead the lost person to receive God’s gift of eternal life.

5. The Pastor requires the engaged couple to be “active church members” of FBSL. “Active church membership” is required prior to initiating the wedding process. “Church membership” encompasses the following: 1) salvation, 2) baptism by immersion, 3) indicating your desire to join the church, and 4) attend New Members Class. “Active Church membership” requires regular worship and Sunday School attendance.

6. If couples are inactive in their church attendance, they must become active within six weeks of their wedding date.

7. The Pastor will extend weddings to the children and/or grandchildren of active members of FBSL.

8. The Pastor reserves the right to lead the wedding rehearsal, and no outside wedding coordinators will be permitted. Most rehearsals last approximately one hour.

9. The Pastor and his wife may or may not attend the rehearsal dinner. Due to the Pastor’s schedule, he is often not available for the dinner.

10. This policy is under the direction of the Pastor and will be adhered to by all other presiding Pastors.


Ordinarily, wedding guests are expected to be clear of the building within four hours after the beginning of your wedding service or by 10:30 P.M., whichever is first. This will enable the custodian to prepare the building for Sunday’s services or the next day’s use.

Wedding Coordinators are prohibited.


A wedding is a service of worship, and therefore all music for weddings shall be in keeping with styles of music acceptable within a church setting. Only church members approved through the Minister of Music/IT Tech Director shall be permitted to operate the church instruments or sound equipment.

No music will be permitted at any time before, during, or after the ceremony which describes either non-monogamous relationships, or relationships between persons which are in conflict with the biblical design for marriage, and/or God’s standard of conduct. Further, no music will be permitted which contains any profanity or descriptions (obvious or concealed) of the use of alcoholic beverages or other drugs. In addition, the church reserves the right to exclude from use on church property any music which the Minister of Music deems to be offensive to the church either in style or content. The bride or groom shall submit, in its entirety, a CD of all music to be used on church property no later than one month prior to the date of the wedding.

Any other participating minister must be approved by the Pastor or his designee.

Musicians, other than the FBSL musicians, must meet with the Minister of Music for instruction concerning instruments, etc. Nothing on the stage is to be moved without prior approval by the Minister of Music. DJs must be approved prior to the receptions held at the church.

Where sound equipment is used, the FBSL Sound and Lighting Director/Technician and/or the Minister of Music must be used or consulted for instruction and approval of another person or procedure.

All users of the building are to adhere strictly to the rules and regulations provided on the FBSL Wedding Policy sheet. The couple is responsible for communication of these rules and regulations to all persons involved.


No charge is made for the use of the church building for weddings where either the bride or the groom is an attending and financially contributing member of FBSL or is the child/grandchild of an attending and financially contributing member of FBSL.

The Fees associated with your event are for the people that will be needed to ensure your event will go on without any interruptions in the day to day of FBSL as well as your event. Half of fees are due upon acceptance of application (before Pastor first meeting) and balance due no later than seven days prior to wedding.  Deposit and fees are surrendered if cancelled or failure to adhere to the policies and or rules stated in the agreement. 

The Fee Schedule is as Follows:


Wedding (Pastor)Officiant:  $0. Wedding (Audio/Lighting)Technician: $0. 

Custodian (If Dinner is held)$100. Building Closure (If Dinner Held) $25

Wedding Only

Wedding (Pastor)Officiant:  $100. Wedding (Audio/Lighting)Technician: $100. Custodian $100. Building Access/Closure $25


(Audio/Lighting)Technician: $100. Custodian $100. Building Access/Closure $25


If a reception is desired in our fellowship hall, arrangements must be made with the Office Administrator and Building Maintenance Manager. If you wish to use a caterer, the bride should furnish a copy of this wedding policy to the caterer. All caterers are required to bring their own dishes, silver and other items needed. In no case should they mix their own FBSL equipment, dishes or items with those belonging to the church. Your caterer should be prepared to provide cleaning services for the kitchen.

We are most appreciative for your understanding of and cooperation with these policies of our church. We are happy to assist you in planning your wedding, and we pray that God’s richest blessings will be with you and upon the home you are establishing.

Special Notes

Wedding party is responsible for removing and discarding of all decorations, returning all tables/chairs back to their stored area, nothing is to be moved or used without prior approval.  Wedding party is to clean up all areas used of debris, spills, and discard all trash in dumpster.  The church custodian crew will heavy clean and sanitize all areas after your event.

No alcohol and/or drug use will be permitted.  In the event of any of the above policies being broken the event can and will be canceled/stopped and the fees will be surrendered to FBSL.  

If our church may be of assistance to you before, during, or after the wedding ceremony, please contact us.